So yesterday I wrote my first blog post for AmandaMillie and I realised, it was the perfect opportunity to also start the 30 Day Blog Challenge over at Sarke Media. This means I’ll be writing and posting a blog post everyday for the next 30 days eek!!! Today is officially Day 2. 

Why am I putting myself through this? You may ask, (or not), well I’m going to tell you anyway. 

1. Accountability! Accountabilty! Accountability! I have always found that the best motivation (for me at least), is having someone to hold me accountable. It really helps me to commit and see it through. It’s almost like, something in my brain switches on and m inner people pleaser refuses to let a one down. View Post


Who is Amanda Millie


HELLO & WELCOME to my virtual reality, so who is Amanda Millie?

Amanda Millie is a lifestyle blogger, model and actress living and working in London, UK. Her blog is an array of her passions and inspirations from everyday life.


I find it so weird when people write about themselves in the third person. I mean….you write and manage your own blog, but your “about me” is in the third person?? Anyway, rant over!

I could easily sit here give you a perfectly polished, professionally written bio that puts me in high regard.


I can choose to tell you about the REAL ME. Lets start again, shall we??? View Post