Spotlight on Aude-Aline

spotlight on aude-aline

Hello beautiful people, I have a brand new Friday Female for you and this week its spotlight on Aude-Aline. I’m super excited to share this powerhouse young lady with you, and I think you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Why is the Spotlight on Aude-Aline?

Aude-Aline Eugene is a young Parisian designer who moved to London in early 2017. I met this young lady a couple of months ago and was very impressed firstly with her designs, but mostly her drive and determination to follow her heart. We had a conversation about her bags and life in general, and I knew immediately that I had to feature on the blog. Her brand SMILE by AAE is a leather line with a perfect minimalist look and seamless designs. Each bag is a handmade, unique and timeless piece perfect for all seasons. She makes all her pieces in her studio in East London and they are just beautiful.

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Amanda Millie's Friday Female

Spotlight on Amelia Fergusson

Hello beautiful people and happy Friday if you are reading this on a friday, if not then good day you. I have another instalment of Friday female and this week it is spotlight on Amelia Fergusson. The lovely Amelia is a published author, screenplay writer and all round go-getter.

We sat down to discuss life, motherhood, writing and the importance of self discipline. Watch the video below and be sure to scroll down after to read my own takeaways from the interview.

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Whats next for Amanda Millie???
whats next for amanda millie

Hello beautiful people, I wanted to do a little update on whats next for Amanda Millie as a blog. As I start to really focus on being more consistent with the blogging, I realise that I probably need to do an update post for my readers.

I made a little video for you that kind of summarises more or less this blog post, so if you are a more visual person and prefer video then click the video below to watch. If however you like to read, then scroll down for the written post. You can also do both, is totally acceptable;-). 

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Amanda Millie's Friday FemaleFriday Female: Spotlight on Brittney Meads

Hello beautiful people! It is Friday and of course that means its time for another instalment of Friday Female, and this week in the spotlight is the uber talented Miss Brittney Meads. I met this beautiful lady literally a few weeks ago and I after just talking for 10 minutes, I immediately knew that I had to interview her. 

Brittney is a self taught fashion designer, who also happens to make ALL her own clothes from scratch just about everyday. She has just finished designing a dress for Ted Baker, has a Menswear collection launching in a few months and is only 26 years old.

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Life took over!

Hey, remember me? It has been a while since I wrote a post but I can honestly say that I’ve missed you terribly. I absolutely love blogging and missed the the process of creating and connecting with my online friends.You see, over 2 years ago I started this blog with big intentions and an open heart, but somehow, somewhere down the line, life took over and I got sidetracked, like seriously sidetracked.

Hey, remember me?

I feel like a total fraud! Yes, i said it. I have been hiding out and lying to myself because I’ve been gripped with fear. What is this fear you may ask? It’s the fear of rejection, the fear of allowing myself to be open, to be vulnerable and in the process opening myself up to being judged and criticised. The fear of not being good enough, and being rumbled as a fraud. I started writing this blog post around 4 months ago and I’m only just getting round to finishing it now. View Post

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