Hello lovelies!!! So a couple days ago on my Instagram I teased a blog post about my French connection sample sale haul, and here it is! I really love the French connection sample sales, I always come away with some great bargains at ridiculously low prices. I did tell you I was the number bargain hunter out there didn’t I? 😉


My mum and I have been going to the French connection sample sales for about 6 years now, it’s sort of become our own little tradition. We always make a day of it, wake up early so as to avoid the crowds, do our haul and then have a leisurely lunch afterwards, it’s so much fun and we get to spend some quality time together.

I almost always spend way more money than I intend to at these sales simply because everything is so good and I want it all, grrr! This time, I decided to be super disciplined and set a budget for myself before I even left my house. So the budget I set for myself was £100, I figured I’d probably maybe get a couple of nice pieces out of that. I was intending to follow through with that budget, so I withdrew exactly £100 and left my wallet at home so as not to get tempted and end up spending more again, my mum was going to have to buy me lunch;-) My shopping trip actually went a lot better than expected, and guess what? I even had change left over, woohoo yay me!!! So I spent a total of £95 with £5 left over to contribute towards lunch hahaha. I got a total of 11 pieces, 2 going out dresses, 2 tops, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, a skirt, a bag and an iPad case. Not bad at all if I do say so myself.

I got home and decided to have a little fun amateur photoshoot with my slightly unwilling resident photographer, (my mum). Ok totally random thought here, to my fellow bloggers…who takes all your pictures? Do y’all just happen to have professional photographers who go everywhere with you? Lol, please do share I actually really wanna know. Right, back to the sample sale haul, here’s a little visual of what I bought, the pictures aren’t the best quality and I wasn’t exactly all “made up” and stuff, but you know what? Completion over perfection, I knew if I didn’t take these pics there and then I would probably dilly dally and end up not even writing this post, so I’m just gonna go for it!  View Post



So yesterday really was a random sunshine and bright colours in London type of day, and if you live in the UK, then you definitely know how few and far between those are. The sun was shining, the birds were singing (ok so I didn’t actually hear them myself, but I’m sure they were singing though;-)).

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about lovely weather that instantly kicks up my endorphin levels and makes feel all happy for no reason. Do you ever realise how much friendlier even people you bump into on the street, suddenly become when the Sun is shining? Considering how people in London don’t even make eye contact with each other, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere, give them a little sun and its suddenly good mornings and let’s go to the pub:-). 

Anyway, I decided to make an effort to dress how I felt,I’m had a lunch date with my mum and a free afternoon to browse the shops for some new buys. During the sunnier days, I love nothing more than adding a pop of colour to my outfits, and that’s exactly what I did with this outfit. Anyone who knows me, k ones that I am actually quite good at bargain spotting, and as much as I like to dress and look good…I like saving money even more. View Post


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Are we really doing the best of Amanda Millie week 4 and 5, what??? 

Hey lovelies, gosh it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I’ve had a ton of blog posts planned but alas the time to sit down and actually write them was very limited. The month of May has literally seen me live out of my suitcase, travelling from city to city with work, and June looks like it’s pretty much going to be more of the same. I definitely need to start planning and putting time aside to blog because I really do love to write and connect with you guys.

I’m so excited to share some upcoming posts in the next few days, including some great affordable beauty buys, the worlds most comfortable skinny jeans(ok maybe I’m taking this statement a bit too far, but seriously they are crazy comfortable and super stylish), and I’m also finally posting some travel review blog posts that o feel are way overdue.

I know, I know, it’s all too exciting for you and you literally can’t contain yourself, but how about a little recap of what’s been going on here so far…..

My scary stalker, part one!

I share with you a very disturbing ordeal I went through with an almost stranger who pretty much scared the heck out of me. This story is scary but it’s only part one, and it gets worse.

My scary stalker part two!

If you’ve read part one, then you’re definitely going to want to read part two. In this post, what I thought was over turns out I was dead wrong….

Easiest healthiest 3 ingredient pancakes!

These pancakes are a staple breakfast in my household, very easy to make buy oh so delicious. Give them a try, you thank me later;-)

Throwback Thursday and lessons in self love!

Oh boy, sometimes opening ourselves up and sharing our vulnerabilities, insecurities and emotional scars can really help us move forward. This post is a little bit of a throwback to a life changing photo shoot I had last year, and I also share about a personal healing journey with body dysmorphic disorder that I’ve been on my entire life.

That’s about it guys, get on the blog and get caught up because, we’re full steam ahead with more exciting stuff coming up! Remember to leave me a comment below, I’m always happy to hear from you. If you like this blog please do share it with your friends, bring them over to the party:-)

Till next time, love the life you’re living! Xo









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Amanda Millie

Lately I seem to be having constant reminders and lessons in self love and acceptance, so I’m just going to go with it and see what happens. I shared this throwback picture on my Facebook earlier today and the message that came with the picture is so dear to my heart to had to share on the blog too. So this shot was taken almost a year ago, as part of a portfolio update photo shoot and I really just LOVE it so much, it’s one of best shots for sure. 

I’ll tell you why it’s my favourite. Having suffered from body dysmorphic order pretty much my entire life, this is probably the first time I stood in front of the camera and felt comfortable in my own skin. The photographer made me feel so safe and I think this was the first time ever I had a shoot where I wasn’t worried or stressing about how I looked. It was also the first time I ever did anything as risqué in front of the camera and instead of feeling shame I felt strong, powerful, sexy even. I wasn’t worried about looking fat, or my lack of boobies, what will people think/say or any of that irrational stuff that comes with my condition. I totally owned it and I don’t care who knows it. It’s a bumpy road this journey of ‪self acceptance‬ and ‪self love‬ but this day was a turning point for me and I haven’t looked back since, taking it one day at a time. One thing that I’ve noticed about myself, is that I’m REALLY good at putting on a front….you know that I’m totally ok and always got it together type of front? I realised very early on that I am great at being the pillar for other people which is awesome, but it’s time I started extending that same courtesy to myself.  View Post


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Easiest Healthy 3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes! 

I LOVE having pancakes for breakfast, and ever since I found this healthy alternative to the sugar-filled ones, I have never looked back. I’ve seen a lot of different variations of these online and to be honest, at the end of the day I think it comes down to personal preferences and what kind of flavours you like. These pancakes are perfect if you are following a grain-free or dairy-free (just replace the whey protein with a plant based one or simply use coconut flour instead) diet and they’re also gluten free, so it’s really a win all round. I especially love having these post-workout to refuel my body and set me up for the day. 

The recipe below is so easy and foolproof, you can then spice it up by adding your own favourite toppings. It’s simply a batter of banana, egg white and protein powder(whichever protein powder you prefer will work on this one. I use the PhD diet whey in vanilla flavour). You might need a splash of almond milk if your batter is not wet enough, although I’ve never really had this problem. View Post

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