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10 things I wish could tell my 16 year old self actually came about during a hilarious throwback conversation with a friend of mine at work today. We were pretty much reminiscing about some of the fashion crimes we committed during our teenage years. Does anybody remember that Christina Aguilera song, Dirrty? OMG!! I was so obsessed with her, I literally wanted to be her. Ewwwwwwww! Those super low rise jeans? Cringe!!!!! Anyway, it got me thinking….if I had a time machine and could go back and talk to my 16 year old self, what would I tell her? This is what I came up with…...

1. Act your age.

Please don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy being young, play more, watch Sabrina the teenage witch, have fun and just be a teenager. Growing up is so overrated, I mean seriously! It comes with responsibilities, bills, bills, more bills, oh and did I mention bills?? You get the picture right? View Full Post

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I’ve been tagged quite a few time times on this 20 random things about me tag so I thought I might as well make it a blog post and share with you guys as well. See how generous I am? I mean…since we’re still getting to know each and all, how about we try and move past the ‘awkward blind date’ stage and get to the going steady phase;-) So without further ado, here we go….
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I can’t believe it’s been a little over a week since I launched my blog. It’s always so nerve wracking to take that first step and put yourself out there, but it’s got to be done.
I definitely think taking part in the 30 day blogging challenge has given me the push up the backside I desperately needed. If you’re just tuning in, here’s a little recap of the best of Amanda Millie week one…….
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Who is Amanda Millie


HELLO & WELCOME to my virtual reality, so who is Amanda Millie?

Amanda Millie is a lifestyle blogger, model and actress living and working in London, UK. Her blog is an array of her passions and inspirations from everyday life.


I find it so weird when people write about themselves in the third person. I mean….you write and manage your own blog, but your “about me” is in the third person?? Anyway, rant over!

I could easily sit here give you a perfectly polished, professionally written bio that puts me in high regard.


I can choose to tell you about the REAL ME. Lets start again, shall we??? View Full Post